Civil 3D – Contour Labels Auto Decimal Place

For a long time, with Autodesk Civil 3D I have wanted a smart contour label that drops decimal values.  Something like what is available for Stations, a modifier that could “Drop Decimal Value for Whole”, but none are available by default.


Next, I then turned to Equations and was not able to come up with something simple.  I then found an old post for Crest and Sag Profile Labels, from a colleague James Mussleman.  In the post, equations are leveraged to controls text height.  Below we create a contour label based on the same idea:

  1. First, we will do “Math” to check for the whole number.


  1. Next, an “If” statement is created that will show/hide the right of the decimal. To be used as 2nd Text Height value.


  1. Last, a two-component text label is created:
    • The primary text will always be shown (“Elev-Lt”) with the whole value left of the decimal.
    • 4_Contours
    • The secondary portion of text (“Elev-Rt”) will autohide decimals based on the “If” statement used as height for values right of decimals.
    • 5_Contours

This setup will be useful for situations when contours are set less than whole values or when Surface analysis creates user-defined contours.




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