AutoCAD Blocks with Dynamic Level of Detail


While working with a client recently building up their Dynamic Block Library, the need for a block that would show different levels of details based upon the scale.  However, the Dynamic Block Visibility Parameter is a manual function.



Created individual blocks at the needed scales with Annotative functionality , then created a final block that used them.

Below are some simple steps demonstrating the idea using trees at 10 scale (detailed) and 20 scale (simplified):

  1. Start by setting the scale, in this case 1:10, then created a Block using the Annotative check box.  Named it 10 scale in this example.
  2. Then, set the different scale, here 1:20 scale and created a new Block, using the Annotative check box.  Named it 20 scale in this example. 
  3. Then, created a nested block that contained both of he previously created blocks, without the Annotative function.
  4. Last, enjoy your creations.  Combined block shown below on a layout tab with 2 viewports at different scales (10 and 20).

    This idea shown here was using trees, but in can be implemented for Civil, Mechanical or Architectural drawings symbols.


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