“The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable” when adding Uninstalling or adding hotfixes to Autodesk

December 8, 2021 Ken Williams


When trying to uninstall or add hotfixes/updates to Autodesk products you get the following error:


The Autodesk installation files have been either been moved or modified. This could also happen when you do an “Install Now” from the Autodesk portal. Another possible cause could be a corrupt install.


  1. Check and see if the install files are in C:\autodesk
  2. The above error is for Revit 2022. The location of the RVT.msi file requested in the error is located at C:\Autodesk\Revit_2022_G1_Win_64bit_dlm\x64\RVT
  3. If the Autodesk product is not in C:\Autodesk go to manage.autodesk.com and download it.
  4. Once it is downloaded, click browse in the error message.
  5. This message is looking for the RVT.msi file. We will go to C:\Autodesk\Revit_2022_G1_Win_64bit_dlm\x64\RVT and click on RVT.msi and click open. 
  6. Click OK and the update or uninstall should now complete.