New tools in ReCap 2022

April 20, 2021 James Branagan

In the 2022 version of Autodesk’s ReCap software a couple of new tools have been added which add some much needed functionality to ReCap


Meshes are back.  In previous versions of ReCap meshes were able to be created using a beta tool within the program. This was a cloud based service that used cloud credits to create a mesh from a selection of points in your point cloud. The process was quite simple; edit the point cloud to display the points what should be turned in to a mesh. Click start and ReCap would send those points up in to the cloud. A little while later the mesh of the model would be displayed.


In the 2020 release the ability to create a mesh from your point cloud has been added again. The process is the same; select on the cloud at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side and select scan to mesh. This will allow you to start the mesh process. When clicking start the scan to mesh dialog box will appear letting you set options such as mesh location and quality. It will also let you know how many credits the conversion will take and how many cloud credits you have in your account. Lastly, it will give you an estimated time for the mesh to be completed.


Export Photos

Another rally handy tool that has been added is the ability to export your RealView as an image. To do this, expand the project explorer on the right hand side, select the scan location and right click. This will give you the option to export a RealView image.

The image that is returned is a flattened version of the photo sphere you see within ReCap.

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