New AutoCAD 2022 Collaboration Tools

April 6, 2021 James Branagan

With more and more people working remotely collaboration tools have been more and more in demand. With this in mind Autodesk has added more functionality with the recent release of Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2022. Two new features to aid in collaboration are Trace and Share.  Both use the AutoCAD web platform as the base for their collaboration.

Share allows users to send a link for the drawing to anyone who needs to view it allowing the originator to determine whether the recipient needs to only view the drawing or if they need the ability to edit and save a copy of the drawing.

Clicking the link will open AutoCAD’s web app and load the drawing.


Trace allows a user to electronically mark up a drawing without altering the original drawing. Creating comments and markup’s is done on either the AutoCAD iPad App or the AutoCAD Web app. To use Trace:

Open one of the apps and a drawing that requires commenting then navigate to the Traces tab and select New trace

Make any necessary markups and comments and select the check mark when finished

This saves the markup and keeps a copy of it under the Traces tab. The markup is not seen in the drawing until it is chosen. Save the drawing in the Web app.

In the desktop version of AutoCAD open the drawing that has the markups and navigate to the Collaborate tab. Selecting the Traces Palette will open that palette and display any saved Traces.

Selecting a saved trace will show the trace; toggeling the trace to the back will allow the designer to complete the necessary changes overtop of the trace. To close the trace select the check mark.


The collaboration tools within AutoCAD allow for an efficient process to comment and mark up drawings from anywhere you can access one of the apps.

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