How Integra Engineering is Leveraging ProductivityNOW to Boost Performance

April 14, 2023

Name: Duane Liebelt
Title: Senior Piping Designer
Company: Integra Engineering Limited 
City: Lloydminister, Alberta, Canada
Size of team using ProductivityNOW: 15 Mechanical and Electrical Drafting Engineers
Software used:  Autodesk® Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection, Revit, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Infraworks, Recap Pro, AutoCAD

Q: Why did Integra Engineering implement a new learning solution?
Duane: As an APC, we collaborate with many clients and host multiple different software packages. We had recently migrated from individual software licenses to the AEC collection because it gave us that access to a lot more software packages that we can utilize in our day-to-day project work. This portal gave us that ability to get the training for any of those applications that are part of that suite.

Q: What role does learning play in your organization? 
Duane: Our organization definitely promotes training for all of its staff, both engineering and drafting. Whether we're starting out or even at more of an advanced level there's courses, there's information for all different levels within the portal. And software is constantly evolving and it's an easy way to get in and take a little bit or a lot of training, depending on what your needs are in your role with the company. We use this as part of our onboarding process. And it also helps maintain our credentials as professionals in the field as well…being able to focus on your professional development going forward, which is a requirement on a yearly basis.

Q: Is there a specific feature or function in ProductivityNOW that you feel has been especially beneficial to your organization?
Duane: For us, the usage and the learning reports. That was one of the key features that management was interested in when we were first looking at this. Just being able to, when it comes to review time on an annual basis, go in and look at the reports and see what kind of training the staff have been doing and use that as a tool to help keep people going through, monitoring progress and trying to help them complete the tasks if they've started something but haven't finished it. 

Q: How would you describe your experience with IMAGINiT technical support through ProductivityNOW? 
Duane: Since we've been using ProductivityNOW, we've definitely used the support group and they're truly knowledgeable and definitely willing to stay focused on the solution. I've had a couple of instances where I've been in a rush, I've had some licensing issues. And I mean, they actually would call Autodesk on my behalf and we'd sit on the line and we'd work through it until a solution was found. So, it's definitely been a benefit for us to utilize the support group.

Q: What kind of ROI have you seen on ProductivityNOW? 
Duane: By just talking to the users of the portal, it's definitely been helping them. If they do run into an issue, run into a wall, they can jump into the portal and do either a quick session or even use the support group to come up with a solution to help generate a little more efficiency on any project that they're working on.

Q: Can you describe how the expanded knowledge gained with the ProductivityNOW platform has helped your company provide better results for your customers? 
Duane: Having this portal definitely has been a benefit to (junior staff), get them started. Even guys that are coming in from the field…they're finding it very useful to be able to give them that starting knowledge to be able to take on any task that we throw at them. I mean, any sort of efficiency or knowledge that we can gain definitely benefits any projects that we're working on for our customers.

Q: Would you recommend ProductivityNOW to other organizations in your industry, and why?
Duane: We've had good support from all levels within IMAGINiT. The support is second to none. 
I would definitely recommend ProductivityNOW to any organization - definitely a benefit and you're never too old to learn something new. 

ProductivityNOW is a complete eLearning and Support platform used by high-performing organizations to maximize the proficiency, productivity, and potential of their people.  
Attract and retain your top performers.

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