Customizing Your Infraworks Model with Watermarks

September 17, 2021 Matt Miyamoto

The ease at which we can create 3D models and fly-throughs in Autodesk products are making renderings and visualizations part of an industry standard.  While Infraworks provides a quick and easy way to generate these graphics, finding a way to stand out from the crowd can be an advantage to you and your organization.

One way we can do that, and also add some corporate branding to our Infraworks models is to include a custom watermark. 

Watermarks in Infraworks can be added through the extended Present panel in the Present/Share tab of the Ribbon. 

In the Watermark Palette, custom images can be added with options for size, transparency, placement, scale and offset.  In general, I’ve seen the best results from images that have transparent backgrounds and a color that contrasts with the content of the model.  Having different color options available is a great way to plan ahead, and multiple images can be loaded into the same model and checked on or off for display. 

In the screenshot above, there are two options loaded, one with black text and one with white text.  Both have a transparent background and I’m able to choose the option that works best based on where I’m focusing in the model and what the background content looks like behind the watermark.  Watermarks are displayed in all Snapshots and Storyboards generated through the active proposal, but they do not automatically appear across multiple proposals.  That allows you to add or remove additional watermarks for consultants and collaborators in each proposal as needed.