Corridor Transitions - Civil 3D 2023.2 New Feature

March 10, 2023 Brian Johnson

A new corridor feature for defining transitions was released by Autodesk in the Civil 3D 2023.2 update. Now transitions can be created regardless of the subassembly parameters. Previously it was required to use a subassembly that could target a path that defined the transition. The feature is launched by an Edit Corridor Transition button on the contextual ribbon after selecting the corridor.

When the command is started, you are prompted to select the baseline, the subassembly, the subassembly parameter, effected stations, values, and transition type. The example shown in the image here shows the open Panorama and results of an applied transition. The width parameter of the LaneSuperelevationAOR subassembly is being controlled to form the transition based on stationing and transition type, without targets being defined. Once the transitions have been created, they can also be managed with the Panorama to make adjustments.

Transition types include Linear, Bay Taper, Cubic In, Cubic Out, Parabolic In, Parabolic Out, and Reverse Parabolic.

The example shown is obviously for a lane transition, however, the tool can be used for daylighting to transition between slopes, transitions in curbing, and others. A much needed feature that will increase flexibility in corridor modeling. 

Recommend checking it out and exploring the various uses that this new tool could be applied to for corridors. It would be great to hear about your experiences with finding new useful applications for this tool.

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