A Step-by-Step Guide to Converting LGS to LGSx with the Leica LGS File Converter Tool

January 11, 2024 James Branagan

For individuals working with Leica Geosystems, the transition from LGS to LGSx format brings forth a range of benefits, including improved data handling and compatibility. To facilitate this conversion seamlessly, Leica Geosystems provides a dedicated tool - the Leica LGS File Converter. In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of using this tool to convert your LGS files to the advanced LGSx format.

In December, Leica released an update to the data architecture of their core Reality Capture software products and to the LGS file type. As part of this new data architecture, there is a change to the format of the LGS file format. The new format is called LGSx. It is important to note that the new LGSx file WILL NOT be compatible with Reality Capture software versions older than 2023.1.0

Step 1: Launch the Leica LGS File Converter

After a successful installation, clicking  on the  LGS File Converter Tool icon . will open the tool. The interface is typically user-friendly, providing clear options for you to choose your input (LGS) file , Remove an LGS file and Convert.

Step 2: Select the LGS File for Conversion

Click Add LGS to select any LSG files you’d like to convert. If you have added a file in error you can remove it by selecting it again and clicking Remove LGS.

Step 3: Convert the LGS file

Once all files are added to the converter, click Convert. The tool will automatically place the new LGSx file into the same directory as the original LGS file.

The area at the bottom of the converter shows the Temporary cache directory, which, by default is: C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Temp. If you’d like to change the location of the temporary directory, click on the button in the lower right hand corner and navigate to the new location. . It is important that you have enough hard drive space available as the converter requires a substantial amount to complete its function

Once the converter has finished a new LGSx file will be available in addition to the original LGS file. The new LGSx file has been significantly compressed from the original LGS file (40% smaller in the case of the above file) without any degradation in quality.

The Leica LGS File Converter simplifies the transition from LGS to LGSx, offering a reliable solution for users working with Leica Geosystems LGS files. By following these steps, you can efficiently convert your LGS files, ensuring compatibility with the latest software versions and unlocking advanced features for your Reality Capture projects.

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