Civil 3D Labels: Controlling Pipe Leaders in a Dragged State.

December 18, 2023 Leo Lavayen

Exploring pipe labels in profile views? Ever struggled to control the leader placement when dragging labels? The setting isn't a feature or a dragged state option—it's in the label configuration defaults. Discover how to fine-tune leader placement using Anchor Point and Attachment settings in the Label Style Composer's Layout tab. 

While working with pipes in a profile view, have you ever needed to control the placement of the leader when dragged? do you know where the setting is?
It is not a Feature Setting; it is not a Dragged state option, it is a default of the label configuration.
The location is controlled from 2 areas in the Label Style Composer on Layout tab:
•    General collection > Anchor Point option
•    Text collection > Attachment option

See the table for a break down of configuration and some examples:

Bottom Anchor & Top Center Attachment
Centerline Anchor & Middle Center Attachment
Top Anchor & Bottom Center Attachment

Unfortunately, we are not able to mix and match options, you can’t label at the “top” and have the arrow point to the “middle”.  Wherever the label is anchored to is where the arrow will be attached to.  However, you can use the X or Y offsets to shift the location of the label making the arrow appear as if it is attached to a different location.

IMAGINiT can help you configure labels to behave how you need them to.

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