Civil 3D: having Fun with Pipe Styles

February 26, 2024 Leo Lavayen

This post will explore various style options, from simple centerline, pipe diameters and fill patterns, let’s see how styles can help pipes tell their own unique stories.


Using a SINGLE style (Center - Double) to configures with different style view options to assign different layers and the ability to show and hide pipe diameters.  
      •    PLAN View: 12” and 18” shown as centerline to a blue “PLAN” layer
      •    PROFILE View:  12” and 18” shown with walls to a magenta “PROFILE” layer 
As shown, pipes of varied diameters can all share a SINGLE style while helping tell their individual stories.  From the Pipe Style Display tab “View Direction” drop down selection different layer assignments can be made for: Plan, Model, Profile and Section .


Multiple pipe styles can be used (Double Hatch 1 and Double Hatch 2) to apply fill patters to pipe diameters using different style configurations applying AutoCAD hatches to the PLAN or PROFILE views:  
Styles not only have View Direction options for layer and component visibility, but their unique PLAN and PROFILE tabs with the Pipe Style dialog boxes to assign where the hatch fills out to:
      •    Walls Only
      •    Inner Walls
      •    Outer Walls


Pipe Styles centerlines can be stretched using the styles Plan tab Pipe centerline options:
      •    Draw to inner walls
      •    Draw to outer walls
      •    Use drawing scale
      •    Use Size in absolute units
      •    Use size in percentage of screen
And using an AutoCAD linetypes a pattern can be applied too.

I hope you found these settings useful in how to configure your pipe styles and tell the design story you need.  IMAGINiT can help you leverage these style settings to best display pipes in your drawings.


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