C3D: Code Set Styles (part 4) - Custom Grid and Labels

November 29, 2022 Leo Lavayen

Building from a previous post (part 3) on plotting Section Views, this will be another advanced post.  The goal is to call out a marker location and create a grid and label in the Section View.

The secret is in the codes & configuration:
The outcome will hinge on the user defined the Link Codes and Point Codes were added in “ROW” and “NoShow” respectively.
The used Code Set Style in the Section View calls out the defined LINK and POINT typed in values.

The LINK is configured to be shown in PLAN (for layout) but be omitted in SECTION and hidden in the grids.
The LABEL has 2 components; a line that goes from the TOP to the BOTTOM of the grid and text component that shows value of the POINT code (in this case “ROW”)

The next step is to define the used codes and set Object and Label styles in the Code Set Style.

Putting all together in a Corridor to be displayed in Sections:
We will build off a simple assembly with Pavement and Daylight elements.
The built assembly will appear as designed with no extra labels by default:
The goal here is to mark and label key design points that run parallel to the main centerline.  In this example we will focus on Right-Of-Way (ROW) locations 25’ to each side of the centerline.  All though this distance is consistent here, in some cases targets might be of varying widths.

To the base assembly the Link Width And Slope subassembly will be added.  Found in the Generic tab of the palette, it will be added to reach out and create the needed annotation at the ROW offset locations.
Below is the Autodesk Civil 3D Help file and link to it, noticed the “optional” targets.