C3D: Code Set Styles (part 3) - Plotting

November 25, 2022 Leo Lavayen

This is more an advanced post; you will need to understand some Civil 3D fundamentals.  The Civil 3D Help file links below review the general configuration for Section View Production:

  1. First, sample lines need to be created that sample corridor object.
  2. Next, the wizard uses an external template that has pre-created layout tabs with borders and view ports set to a scale.
  3. Then, the Create Multiple Section Views wizard must use the “Production” option.
  4. Finally, the Create Section Sheets wizard generates sheets as layout tabs.

Once “Production” type section views and matching layouts are created we can focus on the appearance of Corridor Sections.

Based upon the needed details to be shown, the appropriate Code Set Style can be assigned to highlight linework, fill patterns, or labels.  Below are some of the out of the box examples:

  • All Codes:  multiple colors, solid hatch, with labels.
  • All Codes with No Shading:  multiple colors, no hatch, no labels.

With configuration other design elements can be controlled.  From single color for Links, to hiding Points, to different hatch patterns for Shapes:

  • Section Code Set Style:  single line color with varied hatch patterns, no labels. 
  •  Section Code Set Style showing “TOP” elements only and some labels.

Plotted deliverables might vary per project, and you may need several configured “design” vs “plotted” type styles.  The IMAGINiT team can help with training and/or configuration to understand and control what needs to be seen.

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