What to Select when Migrating Settings


When you install a newer version of the software (AutoCAD based) and you launch it the first time you will usually be prompted with the following screen:

It’s important to know what you should migrate and what you should not.


Selecting all the options above can cause issues in your software.  Mainly when you migrate the CUI forward from an older version, it will replace the current CUI with the one from the older version, which causes undesirable issues with the new version


What I always recommend it to check all the boxes, except the CUI one:

The reason for unchecking this box is important.  Depending on what your previous version was, replacing the current CUI with eh one form the older version can cause incorrect behaviors and problems within the AutoCAD-based software. 

These can include commands not working, slow behaviors in your new version, constant crashing, and other undesired behaviors.  By unchecking this single box, you can minimize a majority of the issues when migrating your settings.

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