What is the best way to convert a CADWorx spec file into Plant 3D?


When the occasion for the first import of CADWorx specs into AutoCAD Plant 3D arises, it's not obvious what files from CADWorx are required and where to convert them.


In CADWorx the file types are different from Plant 3D for the project file and spec file. In CADWorx the project file has a.prj extension and in Plant 3D it has a .xml extension, that defaults to project.xml.

The spec in CADWorx has a .spc extension and also needs a CADWorx datafile.tbl for the conversion. Plant 3D uses both a .pspc and a .pspx file extension.


To import the industry spec into Plant 3D a .spc file and a datafile.tbl from CADWorx are required.

To convert the .spc file into Plant 3D that is done in the standalone AutoCAD Plant 3D Spec Editor. For Plant 3D 2022 a shortcut for that can be located here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\AutoCAD Plant 3D 2022 - English\AutoCAD Plant 3D Spec Editor 2022 - English. Or just search for 'spec'.

In the Spec Editor, locate the CADWorx .spc file from File > Convert > CADWorx Specs like this:

That opens the 'Convert CADWorx Specs' dialog box. Locate the spec and the datafile.tbl as shown.

More details are in Plant 3D Help, here:

About Converting Specs and Catalogs



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