Viewports Not Plotting Correctly When Created from PLINE With A Width or With Multiple Vertices


You go to plot and only a portion of the viewport is plotted.  Everything looks correct in Paperspace:

Paperspace view:

Plot Preview:


This problem can be caused by a few things, namely how the viewport was created and if it was generated from a Polyline, if there are vertices stacked on one another.



First thing to check:

Is there multiple vertices in the polyline.  Use Polyline edit to confirm there are no duplicate vertices.

Click the Polyline and hover over each vertex.  If this dialog doesn’t pop up:

Then there is a duplicate vertex at that location.


If all vertices are single, then check the Polyline Width in Properties, and change the Global Width to 0:

Then recheck the plot preview:

If necessary, then draw a new polyline around the viewport and set the width appropriately.

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