True Type Fonts not Accepting CTB / STB Lineweight Settings

Applies to:
AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based verticals 2019 and newer

When plotting using CTB or STB plot styles, objects using True Type fonts (TTF) are not honoring the lineweight settings in the CTB or STB.  This can be Text, Multiline Text (MTEXT) or linetypes using TTF fonts in the definition.

This is normal due to how True Type fonts are handled in AutoCAD-based Products

TrueType fonts do not print with lineweights. The nature of TrueType fonts is a pixel-filled outline. If fonts with a specific lineweight are needed, use SHX fonts. To make TrueType text bold, use the Bold option in the Multiline Text Editor.

For Linetypes that have text that needs lienweights assigned, you may need to convert the text to a shape and alter the linetype definition or change the text style used in the linetype to a SHX based font.

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