Some Hatches Missing in a Drawing


You have Hatched areas (not using solid hatch) in a Drawing and you reach a point where new hatches are not showing up or disappear from the drawing after being created.


AutoCAD has a mechanism built in to prevent slowdowns by not displaying all the lines in Hatches

HPMAXLINES set to default (100000)


Change the System Variable called HPMAXLINES to a larger Value (Default is 100000), so in hatch patterns that are lines, dots, etc., have a limit on display.  I generally recommend setting this higher in increments (so I may start with one million (1000000) and go up by 500000 until all hatches are displayed.  Valid values are from 100 to 10,000,000.

HPMAXLINES set to 2000000

Once you've set the higher value, type in REGENALL and the hatches should appear, and if not keep increasing this until they do.  This may cause some performance issues, so if you do not need it to stay at the higher value, set is back to 100000 when you complete that drawing.


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