Export Civil 3D drawings to basic AutoCAD geometry within AutoCAD-based products


You received a Civil 3D based file and are not using Civil 3D and just want basic AutoCAD entities


If you have the Civil 3D Object Enabler installed, you can type in -EXPORTTOAUTOCAD to explode the Civil 3D entities to basic AutoCAD entities (This also works in AutoCAD LT).


Here’s the process:

Type in -EXPORTTOAUTOCAD and hit Enter (you will then see what is currently set for options in the Command Line history):

File format: 2018

Bind xrefs: Yes

Bind type: Insert

Filename prefix: ACAD-

Filename suffix:

You will have this at the Command Prompt – I usually just enter through all the prompts and accept the defaults):

Export options [Format/Bind/bind Type/Maintain/Prefix/Suffix/?] <Enter for filename>:

Export drawing name <C:\Working Data\Downloads\ACAD-PRF1-Profile-Complete.dwg>:

Binding Xref "Base"...

It will then create a new AutoCAD DWG in the same directory as the drawing you have open, with an ACAD- prefix:

Now you can close the C3D drawing and open the ACAD- drawing and you will see that the objects have been converted to basic AutoCAD Entities:

NOTE: As a side note of importance, if the Civil 3D drawing was done in Survey Feet, it will convert to International Feet, so be aware to not use this converted drawing for Civil or Survey specific tasks.

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