Effects of changing Autodesk account email address

What happens if change my Autodesk account e-mail address?


There are many reasons that it may be necessary to change the e-mail address associated with your Autodesk account. What happens to your Autodesk account invitation for Autodesk sites, such as Fusion360, BIM 360, or Autodesk Construction Cloud, if your e-mail address changes?

Autodesk accounts are directly associated to your e-mail address. If you are already a member of multiple Autodesk sites then it’s reasonable to be concerned about losing access due to an email address change. Will you need to be re-invited to these sites? What happens to all of the data associated to your Autodesk account?


Changing your Autodesk account associated e-mail should not cause any loss of site access or data loss. In addition to your e-mail address, each Autodesk account has a unique identifier attached to it. It is not possible to view the unique ID associated to your account. Your Autodesk account email address and username are both linked to your unique ID. Your unique ID maintains your access to Autodesk sites if there is a change to your username or email address to ensure you do not lose any access.

Unfortunately there is not a way for the Autodesk Admin or Secondary Admin to make these changes on behalf of the user through the User Management section. The email address change must be performed through the user Autodesk account.

Caution: Adding the new email address into User Management, instead of changing to the email address within the user Autodesk account, will create a second Autodesk account with the new email address. This new Autodesk account will have a different unique ID and different Autodesk site associations.

Prior to changing your Autodesk account email address, it is important that to save all of your work and close all Autodesk applications.

If you are working on a Workshared Cloud Model, hosted on BIM 360 or Autodesk Docs, it is important a synch all models and relinquish ownership of elements to prevent potential issues. If you do not relinquish ownership then the elements will still be associated to the old email address. It may also be necessary to clear the local Collaboration Cache folder on your system so the new cache is linked to the new email address. You can find out more about Collaboration Cache in the link below.


If you change your Autodesk account email address, then your email address should update within all of the sites your Autodesk account is already linked to. It should not be necessary to have an administrator re-invite your updated Autodesk account to any Autodesk sites. 

However, Autodesk states "For cloud products, an email change can potentially cause issues in accessing cloud data sets. The given instructions will allow the email change to happen without affecting access to the data. If access to cloud products is lost after the email change, then revert to the original email and Contact Support for further assistance."

If a problem accessing a cloud site does occurs after the email address change, then please revert the Autodesk account back to the original email address and contact support.

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