Download a Product using Autodesk AVA

IMAGINiT Technologies


When you need to download an Autodesk product. 

Below is the option to download via AVA (Autodesk Virtual Assistant).


1. Go to AVA


2. On the bottom where it says "Enter your issue here. Be as detailed as possible" Type software download 

3. Click on the Start Button

4. You will now be prompted to Sign in with an Autodesk account.  You must have an active Autodesk account to sign in, but you do not need to have any products or benefits assigned.

5. Choose “I have an existing license”

6. Choose “This computer” to download the install on your computer

7. Choose “Continue within Autodesk Assistant”

8. Type which product you are looking to download and then choose the version needed

 9. Click the Download button

10. After the download completes the install should start
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