AutoCAD Command Tips & Tricks

In this 30 minute video, IMAGINiT Senior Support Specialist Ryan Wunderlich will share some great tips for 3 frequently used commands.

Ryan covers: 

  1. Base View and how it works
  2. RENAME function when to use it (and when not to)
  3. Drawing Cleanup (when things go wrong)
    • Recover 
    • Audit 
    • Purge
    • -PURGE
    • Establishing a good process when using drawings from outside your organization. 

About the Author

Ryan Wunderlich

Sr. Technical Support Specialist<br><br>An AutoCAD Certified Professional, Ryan is responsible for taking client cases and assisting with issues with the software - everything from regular glitches to software deployments and whatever else goes wrong. He's proficient in AutoCAD (including customization), VBA, LISP, and Civil 3D.

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July 20

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