Defect When Plotting DWG to PDF in some verticals


When using the built-in PDF drivers in AutoCAD Verticals the text is choppy, and the PDF's import as Hatch, not text. Also, this defect can be present in other PDF drivers.
Text in DWG (Arial Font):


PDF created in AutoCAD (or LT):

PDF created in a vertical (Map 3D 2020 in this example), notice the lack of smoothness on the numbers:
When the AutoCAD PDF is imported into AutoCAD (or Verticals) the PDF generated from AutoCAD (or LT) recognizes the text and makes it true AutoCAD text, then the Vertical PDF is imported, it's hatches and no longer text.
Note:  Most PDF editor programs will detect the text and allow you to copy/paste it, however it will not import into AutoCAD as text.
This is a defect in the drivers with some AutoCAD based Verticals (like Architecture, Map 3D, Civil 3D), AutoCAD Mechanical doesn't exhibit the behavior
Currently Logged as defect M3D-2004, no ETA on when this may be fixed.
Currently, use AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT or DWG True View to create the PDF's, if you need the ability to re-import the PDF's later

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