AutoCAD Mixed Bold Appearance of Text

AutoCAD Mixed Bold Appearance of Text


This issue can occur in any type of AutoCAD; however, it appears most often in AutoCAD Electrical. When using certain fonts some characters will appear “bolder” than others even though the “Bold” format is not in use. As you can see in the image below, the “M’s” appear to be more bold than other text.


This issue appears to be related to the Font Mapping file in use and the Font that is used. This is primarily seen with a “roman” font when the “acade.fmp” font mapping file is in use. You may find this behavior with other combinations, but this seems to be the most common configuration to exhibit the behavior noted above.



The steps that have been used to resolve the issue most successfully are as follows. Go to “Options” either via the right-click menu or from the File menu.



From the options,

  1. Select the Files tab
  2. Expand “Text Editor, Dictionary, and Font File Names”
  3. Expand “Font Mapping File”
  4. Note the currently specified font mapping file. In this example it is the “acade.fmp”
  5. Use “Browse” to navigate to the location of the font mapping file you wish to use
  6. Select the appropriate font mapping file. In this example the “acad.fmp” file was used
  7. Apply the changes you just made



After making the change, you may want to restart the software and verify that the change has taken effect before proceeding. The results should be as shown below:

If the settings change indicated above does not resolve the issue, an alternative solution is to change the fonts you have in use to a font type that does not exhibit the undesired behavior, such as “Simplex.shx”.







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