AutoCAD How to remove the “R” and “Ø” Symbols in Radial Dimensions


You are using AutoCAD Dimensions and you use a Radial or Diameter Dimension. When you do, you get an “R” or “Ø” in front of your Dimension value and you would like to remove these.


These are set as defaults.



You must place a blank space in the Prefix section of Primary Units Tab in the Dimension style.

  • Launch the Dimension Style Dialog (DIMSTYLE)
  • Modify the current Style or the one you do not want this value assigned.
  • Select the Primary Tab.
  • In the Prefix area place a blank space.
  • Except the changes and test your Dimension


-This could also be in a Dimension override if this does not work check the override style.

- To add these to the end place R or %%C (this is the code for Ø) in the suffix area in Dimstyle.

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