AutoCAD: Error “Unable to Download” When Creating a Deployment

After creating a simple deployment for AutoCAD 2024, you download the 15 MB configuration .exe file and start to extract the deployment.

The deployment gets partially created and fails with this dialog.

  1. Click the "Check log file" button.
  2. It will open the log file 
  3. Scroll to the bottom and you see “Download error: -113”:

[2024-01-31 08:27:29.845789] [0x00005840] [info] [0x00000dbc] [93] Progress: 31
[2024-01-31 08:27:30.789478] [0x0000106c] [error] [0x00000dbc] [94] Download error: -113. URL: 


To get past the error:
1.    Open up File Explorer
2.    In the address field at the top delete everything and type in %temp% and hit enter.
3.    Delete as many files and folders as you can.
4.    Next, still in File Explorer, browse to Rename or Delete these two folders:

•    C:\Autodesk\WI 
•    C:\Autodesk\IM folders.

Try running the 15 MB .exe file again to create the deployment.

Note:  You may have to delete the part of the deployment that was already created.

If that does not resolve the issue, then there may be a permissions issue or not enough hard disk space either locally or on the server where the deployment is being created.  Also, if a “Quota” is being used it is also suspect.

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