Attaching a DGN file creates a DWG


Attaching a Microstation DGN file creates a DWG in the folder.  The command is DGNATTACH (so using a DGN file as an XREF).  After updating the DGN file, the changes are not reflected in the DWG that references it


This issue is specific to a type of DWG file. When a DGN file is a Design Reference, meaning the file exists as a table of contents file, and the referenced files as chapters.  If the DGN Design Reference and the referenced DGN are in the same location, when attaching the DGN file it will find the referenced DGN and create a DWG file instead.


You have two (2) options here:

  1. Use the referenced file instead of the Design Reference
  2. When making changes to the Design reference, erase the created DWG file before re-opening the DWG with the attached Design Reference, it will create a new DWG with the changes.

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