Edging in Twinmotion

August 19, 2021 Kenniston Crane

The ground got you down? Do you have grass and weeds growing on your hardscapes? Think you need some chemical erasers to eradicate it? Well, we have good news for you! When painting grass, it is often considered difficult to get good looking edges in Twinmotion. However, there is a trick that is often just as overlooked.

First, we will start with a run of the mill landscape plane for the ground.


The key here is to isolate the surface that you want to grow some lawn on. Right click on the asset in the scene graph.


Choose to Isolate this asset so that there are no other planes available for the grass to grow. Then select the vegetation paint tool as usual.


Now the fun begins! Select one of the Detail Grasses, such as Lawn 01 borders.


Upon adjusting the grass settings as you’d prefer, just paint this isolated edge with the detailed grass.


It is usually a good idea to paint these borders with a small brush, such as around 2 feet. Even smaller if you have pavers! When you are happy with your borders, feel free to paint the rest of the terrain as you normally would. Maybe add in a happy little tree or two!

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Kenniston Crane

Building Solutions Applications Expert<br><br>Having spent more than 20+ years working in the building industry, Kenniston puts his expertise to work for clients whether its creating complex electrical systems for data centers, design custom luxury homes, or helping them integrate all disciplines into a cohesive BIM process.<br><br>He’s spent time doing custom residential architecture and electrical designs, creating quantity takeoffs, and developing construction sequences, and implementing construction pre-fabrication services. Helping organizations make the most of their technology – and plan for future goals – is a key part of how he aids clients at IMAGINiT.

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