Kenniston Crane

Building Solutions Applications Expert<br><br>Having spent more than 20+ years working in the building industry, Kenniston puts his expertise to work for clients whether its creating complex electrical systems for data centers, design custom luxury homes, or helping them integrate all disciplines into a cohesive BIM process.<br><br>He’s spent time doing custom residential architecture and electrical designs, creating quantity takeoffs, and developing construction sequences, and implementing construction pre-fabrication services. Helping organizations make the most of their technology – and plan for future goals – is a key part of how he aids clients at IMAGINiT.

  • Edging in Twinmotion

    Edging in Twinmotion

    Getting clean edges of grass in Twinmotion

  • Log Cabins in Revit!

    Log Cabins in Revit!

    Creating Log Walls for your favorite Log Cabin designs

  • Contextual Project Review41:46

    Contextual Project Review

    Twinmotion's collaboration tools allow real-time visualization while sectioning, measuring, annotating, and sequencing construction schedules.

  • Sculpting and Painting Landscapes in Twinmotion

    Sculpting and Painting Landscapes in Twinmotion

    Mastering the terrain in Twinmotion is simple and can bring more realism to your project.

  • Advanced Materials in Revit

    Advanced Materials in Revit

    In Revit 2019, the renderer was upgraded with some new appearance parameters. Previous versions of the Revit Materials are now commonly called “Legacy Materials”. An earlier version of Autodesk...

  • Rethinking Roofs in Revit for Residential

    Rethinking Roofs in Revit for Residential

    There are many ways of doing complex framing in Revit, should you decide to do so.

  • Part of a Different View

    Part of a Different View

    Have you ever looked at an assembly, maybe even a wall assembly, and wondered exactly how it would be built with the layers on top of layers?

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