Twinmotion Direct link did not update model from Revit after syncing

February 23, 2024 Shlomo Okoye

Affected Software:

Revit 2019 - 2024, Twinmotion 2022, Twinmotion 2023


After synchronizing a Revit view using the Twinmotion Direct Link add-on, the updates or changes made to the model view in Revit is not reflected in Twinmotion.

Objects hidden in the Review view is revealed in Twinmotion or vice-versa.

This occurs in Revit 2023.1 and earlier versions after a successful synchronization.


  • The Revit view being synchronized is different from the view active in the Direct link connection.
  • The Direct link Synchronize command does not synchronize the Revit model based on the active 3D view, instead it synchronizes based on the Revit view active in the direct link connection.


To resolve the issue, take the following steps:

  1. In Revit, open the Datasmith, tab and in the column where it says, ‘Select 3D view to sync,’ use the dropdown to select the 3D view you want to sync to Revit. Note: Twinmotion Direct Link does not require the Revit model to be saved, but it is always a good idea to save work progress.

  1. With the Revit model still open, go to the Twinmotion file, navigate to the import tab, find the Twinmotion direct link and use the 3-dot menu to open Direct Link Settings.

  1. On the window that opens next, pick a Direct Link settings source by clicking on the 3-dot menu, and then select the 3D view you want to link.

Note: The direct link source name will have the name of the Revit view as a suffix.

  1. Next, choose your import settings and select OK to finish.
  2. Now go back to Revit and synchronize to update the Twinmotion file.

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