Revit Troubleshooting Graphic Issues in Views

April 21, 2023 Sherry Pittman

If you work in Revit long enough, it is inevitable that you will run across a view, or views, that no longer look the way they should…so how do we try to fix this issue?

This is going to be a step by step diagnostic approach in order to try to resolve the issue.

We will start with the basics

Is this issue only happening to you?

  •  If this is a non workshared file, try opening one of the backup models that have a .####.rvt extension
  • If so, and this is a workshared filebased project, delete your local file and its associated backup folder then browse to the central file and pull a clean local file to see if that resolves the issue.
  • If this is a 360 project, clear all of your cache and then browse to the central file and pull a new local copy.

If this is happening to all users:
Things to check first
•    VG Settings or Overrides
       o    Filters
•    Worksets off
•    Phasing
•    View Range
•    Discipline

Apply a different view template
If you have a view template assigned to the view, try applying a different view template to see if we get better results.  If so, you can duplicate that view template and modify as needed to match the original view settings.
If that doesn’t work…

Create a view template from a similar working view
If you have another view that is working the way it should, you can create a view template from that view to apply to the non working view to see if that fixes the issue.

In the project browser, right click on the good view and Create View Template from View
In the project browser, duplicate the bad view with detailing, right click on the copy and Apply Template Properties and select the new view template you created.
If that doesn’t work…

Create a new view from scratch
If we are talking about a plan view, you can go to the VIEW tab, CREATE panel and create a new plan view for the problem view.  You will likely have to uncheck Do not duplicate existing views.  If the new view is correct…problem solved…copy any annotation in the other view to the clipboard, paste aligned in the new view and delete the old view.
If that doesn’t work…

Transfer in View Templates from a model created with an out of the box template
Start a new project from an out of the box template.
If the issue is specific to a view type, I focus on that type and delete all of the other view templates I don’t need.  I rename them if needed so they are different than the ones in the target model.
Now you can use transfer project standards to bring in the new view template to test on the corrupt view.

Transfer Project Standards
In your problem project, go to the MANAGE tab, TRANSFER PROJECT STANDARDS, make sure the correct model is the copy from model, Check NONE then just put a checkmark in the VIEW TEMPLATES and select OK.
Assign the view template to the view, or apply it by right clicking on the view in the browser and select APPLY TEMPLATE PROPERTIES and select the newly imported view template.
If that does work...try to find an older version of your model before this issue arose, that way, we can transfer the view templates into the bad model and overwrite them to fix the issue.

Getting Help
If none of those items resolve the issue, create a support case with us so we can review the model. 


About the Author

Sherry Pittman

Sr. Technical Support Specialist, Building<br><br>Sherry is a certified Autodesk Building Solutions Technical Support Specialist at IMAGINiT. She has been a speaker at several AUGI Cad Camps and a co-speaker at Autodesk University. She is also a certified expert in Revit Architecture. She has 30 plus years of experience in the Architectural field and supports all the Autodesk Building Solutions software. She began her career with us as an Application Engineer conducting training, product demonstrations, and implementation services. She now focuses her knowledge and dedication to the National Solution Center here at IMAGINiT.

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