Frequently Asked Questions- Transitioning to Named-User Licenses

August 21, 2020 IMAGINiT Technologies

We had a lot of questions asked to our team during our recent webcast, Transitioning to Named-User Licensing. The questions and answers below represent the most frequent topics and questions we received.

If you have more questions, please reach out to your account representative, we’re happy to help!


Topic: Creating and Sharing Licenses

Does every single user need to create an Autodesk account?
Yes, but that doesn't mean you need a dedicated license per casual user as you can reassign user ID's as needed.

How often must a user authenticate (log-in)? Does this happen every time he/she launches the software?
You only need to log into the software 1 time and it will check. Maximum offline time is 30 days.

I have a single perpetual license. What happens if I don't make the switch?
You will be able to use your perpetual license however things to take into consideration is compatibility with Operating systems and other releases of ACAD or other ACAD products in addition to stakeholders you share drawings with.

I'm the administrator but do not use the software. Will I need to purchase a user license to continue to administrate?
The answer is no, you do not have to be an actual user of the software nor do you have to own a separate license.

If I have temporary users, do I need to buy a separate license for each user or can I reassign licenses per user?
You can reassign users from one to another at any time.

How do you suggest we handle intern or co-op students? These users are typically users for 3 months at a time over the year.
You will receive 2 named user licenses for each multi-user. Those licenses will not go away and can be re-assigned to new interns by the contract manager or SW Coordinator.

Can the administrator assign the user and then switch the users if someone else does not need it, but someone else does?
This is a limited number changes allowed in a set timeframe.

How often can a seat be reassigned to a different user? How long does it take for the reassignment to take effect?
The reassignment is almost immediate, but you can only do it a limited number of time in a set time frame. I do not know the exact number of the allowed changes.

We have a lot of single user perpetual licenses, can we renew the support for multiple years now and avoid the transition to subscription until they expire?
No, that option is not available.

Can you add additional named users during a subscription period? So if start with 10 and 6 months in need to add 4 more is that a new subscription or can I add it to the existing subscription?
The new seat subscriptions can be pro-rated and added to your existing contract.

Even though subscriptions are designed to be linked to a named user, will each subscription/product/collection still have an associated serial number for identification purposes?
No, serial numbers are no longer used, licensing is based on the user login.

Is there a good resources for switching from installed multiuser licenses of named user license?
IMAGINiT has created a blog addressing this:


Topic: Software Versions, Renewals and Seats

How do we find out what type of license we have?
You can look inside your Autodesk Account to confirm the current deployment type. Your IMAGINiT Acct. Exec. Can assist as well.

We have one subscription with 7 the trade in (2 for 1 deal) based on the number of seats or the subscriptions?
If you have 7 network or multi-user licenses, at your first contract renewal for those licenses [seats] , you can trade in the 7 for 14 named user subscriptions.

It would seem a 2 to 1 sets up an increase in cost going forward because now you have double the seats to pay for, is this correct?
The trade-in offer for multi-user licenses gives you 1 for 2 named users at about the same cost as what you pay and that cost stays consistent.

Will Autodesk have a way to merge the renewal of account so the renewal date is the same and our purchasing department does not have multiple renewals?
Yes, Autodesk recently made available the ability to co-term and merge contracts. Please reach out to your IMAGINiT Account Exec for guidance.

If I use multiple products, do I need separate named user license?
It depends on what products you are using but if you have a collection then you have access to all the products within that industry collection. This is also a good time to point out that if you have products like AutoCAD or CIvil 3D as an example you can trade in to a collection with a full suite of industry products. This has not been offered in a few years so it's a good time to re-evaluate your current and future software needs

If I own AutoCAD multi-user can I change my product type at the time of trade in?
Yes, you will have the option to trade your AutoCAD or some of your AutoCAD's to another Autodesk software such as an industry collection.

Are there any plans to be able to swap out a single product from one suite for one in another? that would be extremely helpful. like say, Inventor for Max 3D?
There will be an option to trade product type at the time of renewal for customers taking advantage of the 1 for 2.

If you trade-in your stand-alone licenses to username subscription, are older versions of CAD still going to be functional in the computers?
Once you trade in, you have a period of 30-days to uninstall your perpetual license and reinstall the named user subscription/s.

I already renewed for 3 years; will the 1 for 2 be available when to renew?
At the time your current multi-user contract is set to expire is when you can take advantage of the 1 for 2 trade in.

How about previous version access? such as Revit 2010 - 2014. How will work with the named-user model?
Currently I do not believe you can get access to these versions on a new activation today.

What if our users are using Autocad 2017 products? Are we able to use 2017 if we switch in 2021?
Supported releases at this time are Versions: 2021, 2020, 2019 & 2018. Reach out to your Account Executive to assist you with your specific requirements.

How will the Named-User Licenses work for individuals that need access to multiple versions/years of Revit. For example, will a single User License contain access to versions 2017 through 2021?
Yes, it does allow access to prior versions with the license.

We had a renewal in June of this year. Does that mean that we will no longer qualify for the 1-2 trade in?
If you have a multi-user product then when your renewal comes up you will have the option to take advantage of the trade in.

We have long duration projects with large teams still using Revit 2016, how do we deal with old versions no longer being supported or being able to be installed?
We recommend discussing your unique licenses structure with your IMAGINiT Account Manager.

I have over 7,00 installation of the software between 5 offices, and all of them are based on a serial number and deployment images. How would I be able to run this software after I switch to named-user? Do I have to uninstall all and reinstall?
You do not have to reinstall! You will simply modify your existing deployments to named user for new installations. The end users could be instructed on how to log into the software to get the license after the switch. I highly recommend you look at the premium for SSO and active directory sync.

If we have already made network deployments with serial they need to un-install all previous versions and then re-associate with their new individual account?
You can modify or create a new configuration to your deployment images. Also, you can switch your installations to different license type without reinstalling.


Topic: Instillation

If we have workstations with intermittent use (e.g. in conference rooms, laptops that are shared for making presentations) would we still be able to install software that any named user can use, or would it be restricted to a single user log-in?
I would recommend you install a demo version of software like Revit on that machine. Or you can have the user log in and out of that software when they need to use it in the conference room.

How do we run our Terminal server without network license?
Autodesk changed the licensing rules in the past years that named users are the only supported license type on terminal servers.

Where can I get technical info on how / when to deploy the accounts converted from 'Network' to 'Named User'? until the existing contract ends?
IMAGINiT has created a blog addressing this:


Topic: Connectivity

We have had issues with internet connectivity that prevented us from using the software on multiple instances. What improvements will there be to the license verification intervals moving forward? This also pertains to traveling to areas or sites with no connectivity.
The license can be used offline up to 30 days, so you have plenty of opportunity to verify in that time frame.

What if I'm out in the field for more than 30 days and can't get into the office?
The named user environment requires an internet connection to Autodesk at least 1X every 30-days to continue access.

Are there any zones or countries where I can't use the software, even if I have internet access?
No, the license can be used in all geographies.


Topic: New Autodesk Plan Features

Will the product usage reporting available within Standard or Premium Plans be able to report on the hours used in a particular project, folder name and/or filenames accessed?
For standard the reporting is an aggregate of the total usage and for Premium the reporting can get down to the user level but it does not give specifics on time spent in a particular drawing or project file

Will we now be able to admin BIM 360 Design licenses in the same screen we are managing product licenses?
BIM licenses are assigned in the same screen as Revit etc. You have to use the other BIM admin to assign projects to users.

Will I see how many hours a person used a product or just days that they did?
You will get aggregate utilization data unless you are on a premium plan where you can get utilization data at the user level.

Is SSO only available to 50+ licenses?
The Single Sign-on capabilities is included in the Premium Subscription and Enterprise Subscription plans and as such, yes it is limited to organizations with 50+ qualified subscription seats.

Will there be a way for admins to group users into custom groups to sort. Example: Departments
Yes, you will have that ability.


Topic: Support

How did Autodesk conclude a network seat was only worth 2 single-users?
This was based on some user analytics but we know each customer is unique so it is best that you work with your account manager to determine the right mix of licenses and types to support your users.

Will IMAGINiT Utilities be moving to a named-user license model too?
We have no plans at this time to change our license models.

How many of your tech support staff is trained in Revit?
We have over 30 techs trained on Revit or more.

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