FAQ: Autodesk Flex Account Management Overview

December 21, 2021

Autodesk recently introduced their new plan option, Flex Tokens, which is billed based on product usage and ideal for the occasional Autodesk software user. Our technical experts answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the plan. 

Autodesk also invites all license holders to participate in their research and development process by submitting and voting on ideas to improve the Flex Token offering. Check out the links below and vote for improvements you would like to see:

Flex reporting cut off for usage - Autodesk Community

Prompt user before charging tokens (FLEX) - Autodesk Community


Q: If we have a server-based license for AutoCAD with 8 seats now, can we add Flex for anyone above the first 8 users to use AutoCAD?

A: If you have (8) users on network licenses, any single users (Named User) would be eligible for the Flex Tokens.


Q: We switched to named users, and everyone is assigned an AEC license. Is there a reason why I would need/want to use tokens? We mainly only use Revit and ACAD. What are the benefits of this structure? 

A: The reason you would want to use Flex is if any of those users access the software less than 7 days a month or if you wanted to try out software that is not included in the AEC Collection, such as Inventor or Fusion.


Q: What if Revit is linking AutoCAD files? Will Tokens be charged for both software uses? With the AEC Collection you can use both simultaneously.

A: Yes, if you are using Revit and AutoCAD at the same time, you will be charged tokens for both products for the 24-hour period. Example: User signs into AutoCAD at 8:00 am Monday and works 2 hours, then signs into Revit within the same 24-hour period, it will cost AutoCAD 7 tokens for $21 and Revit 10 tokens for $30, resulting in a total of $51 for that 24-hour period.


Q: If a person suspends their laptop for weekend with AutoCAD open will the time be counted?

A: If the user just closes their laptop without “Shut Down” and doesn’t close the AutoCAD software, the tokens will be charged.


Q: How does rendering factor in?

A: If they are composing the renderings using Autodesk software for which they have assigned tokens, then the tokens will be charged for the 24-hour period(s) that the software is open. If you have tokens left, these products are included with Flex free of charge: Cloud Models for Revit, Desktop Connector, Drawing History for AutoCAD, Drive, Factory Design Utilities, Fusion Team, Generative Design for Revit, Grading Optimization for Civil 3D, Insight – Energy Analysis, Insight – Green Building Studio, Inventor Nesting, Inventor Tolerance Analysis, Process Analysis and Shared Views.


Q: This token system appears to be optimized for daily use. Is there a monthly use system available?

A: Monthly subscriptions are only available through the Autodesk eStore. However, with the Flex Tokens, if you have a user that only needs to use the software for a month or two, you can determine the tokens you believe you will need to complete the work needed.


Q: Does "AutoCAD" include other flavors of AutoCAD such as LT and Map 3D or is that different as well?

A: If you are using AutoCAD with specialized toolsets, it will include all the products included in the toolset and will be charged tokens per the individual software used. If you are using an older version of AutoCAD without the specialized toolset, it will not include the products referred to.


Q: Will a Civil 3D user have to pay for Civil 3D, Vehicle Tracking, SSA, AutoCAD, Map etc.?

A: Any products not included with the Civil 3D software will not be covered. However, you can purchase tokens for those other pieces of software. In addition, the AEC Collection does include many of these products. You can refer the Flex Rate Sheet for rates per product. Your IMAGINiT account manager or an IMAGINiT Customer Advocate can discuss the usage and products you are currently using to help you determine the right solution for your desired outcome.


Q: How is user management tracked?

A: Tracking is located in the Autodesk Portal under the section for usage reporting, labeled Token Usage. You will be able to see the token usage by user and by product. If you have the Premium Plan, you will be able to see the details for each user in the Usage Reporting section “By User”.


Q: If you only use Autodesk for 8 hours or 4 hours, does the token still cost $21 (or 7 tokens) regardless of how long you are actually using the program?

A: Yes, it is based on a 24-hour period, from the time the user opens the software to they time they close the software.


Q: What is the cost difference of purchasing an annual license for AutoCAD, versus buying 240 days for AutoCAD daily usage?

A: Your IMAGINiT account manager or an IMAGINiT Customer Advocate can discuss the best solution to fit your desired outcome and what the right solution is for you.


Q: How soon will the groupings of available bundles such as Civil, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, etc. be available?

A: Currently AutoCAD Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical are included in the AutoCAD with Specialized Toolsets; and Civil 3D is included in the AEC Collection. Both “bundled” products have software within them that are eligible for Flex Tokens. Flex Tokens would not be charged for the entire Collection or “bundle” but per product used.


Q: If AutoCAD is used on one computer for two hours and is properly turned off, what is the charge?

A: The charge would still be 7 tokens at $21 for the full 24-hour period.


Q: Is the token system in lieu of a subscription per "seat?" We currently have floating licenses of a past AutoCAD (before they switched to subscription model) license.

A: This would depend on how those “floating” licenses were being used. In most cases, customers with “floating” licenses are used by their infrequent users, such as interns, contractors or during certain phases of a project. If this is your case, then the Flex Tokens path may actually be a good solution for you so that you only pay for what you need when you need it. Your IMAGINiT account manager or an IMAGINiT Customer Advocated can discuss your needs and help you determine if this would be a good solution for you.


Q: What kind of reporting is included? Can you tell how many tokens are left and who is using them including how long they are using them?

A: Yes, this will be available in the Autodesk portal in a section labeled Flex Token Usage Reporting and will show the usage of each product and each user. You will also be notified by Autodesk when you are running low on tokens so that you can contact your reseller to refill them without experiencing any downtime.


Q: To clarify, are the token allocations based on a 24-hour period? If you use a token for 12-hours and close the software, it will still use the full 24 hours?

A: This is correct. The tokens are charged for the 24-hour period from the time the user opens the software to the time they close the software. If they open it at 12:00 pm on Monday and only use it for 8 hours, they will be charged until 12:00 pm on Tuesday regardless of the hours used.


Q: Can you have multiple platforms open without using token time?

A: Yes, but if you have subscription and flex users, the subscription would be used first. Example: User is assigned to AutoCAD subscription from AEC Collection and the same user is assigned tokens for Inventor, the time used on AutoCAD subscription will not be charged tokens while the subscription is active but will be charged tokens for the Inventor for the 24-hour period used.


Q: Is there a minimum amount of time you need to be using a software for it to start using the token?

A: 5 minutes would be the minimum time in the software before the tokens are charged. If a user should open a product in error and log back out within the 5 minutes, no tokens will be charged.


Q: What is the token active length and when/how does it expire?

A: Unused tokens will expire at the 1-year mark.


Q: What if I am using all company members on one team?

A: You would not be able to have Flex token users on a team with Tokens and a separate Team with subscription. Example: 1 user on Team A assigned to subscription and the same user assigned to Flex tokens on a separate team; the user assigned to both subscription and Flex tokens would need to be on only 1 team.


Q: What is the best way to tackle the “idle time” issue? Is there any advice you can give on how to best remind your team to close out the software so as not to waste time?

A: Internally, set a time limit notifying the users to close the software before the 24-hours is reached. You can also contact IMAGINiT Technical Support to discuss other solutions such as running a script that IMAGINiT has created to help address this issue.

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