The Autodesk Desktop App keeps showing an update is available after the update has already been installed


You manually install an update to your Autodesk product and the Autodesk Desktop App is still showing the update is available.


There are two options:

First option

  1. Try and install the option from the desktop even though it has already been installed.
  2. You should get a message that the update has already been installed.
  3. Click OK and the update should remove itself from the Autodesk Desktop App.

Second option – Refresh the Autodesk Desktop App cache

       1.  Close the Autodesk Desktop App

       2.  Go to the “task manager” and right-click “Autodesk Desktop App (32 bit)” and end task. If there are 2 “Autodesk Desktop App (32 bit)” in the task manager end both.   

      Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

     3.  Navigate to c:\ProgramData\Autodesk

     4.  Delete the “SDS” folder

     5.  Restart the Autodesk Desktop App

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