Inventor iam file is shifted to outside the preview pane in the Vault 2022 client


Starting with the new installation of the Autodesk Vault 2022 client (including Basic, Workgroup, and Professional versions), the preview pane shows the correct preview under the View tab for Inventor .idw and .dwg files. But for Inventor .iam and .ipt files, the preview is shifted up and to the left of the preview pane where it should be displayed.

This occurs with either the Autodesk Design Review or Autodesk Viewer selected for viewing files in Vault:



According to Autodesk's technical article for Incident ID:32930, this occurs when the Windows Display Scale is not set to 100%.


To correct this problem set the Windows Display Scale to 100%, or when using a large 4K display monitor, download and install the Vault 2022.1 Update, first on the Vault server, then on the Vault client workstations.

Note: Be sure to open the Autodesk Data Management Server Console (ADMS) on the Vault Server host and allow the databases to migrate, before opening the Vault client with the 2022.1 update applied. Otherwise, when the client starts, you will see a message box that says "Vault must migrate."

Note: Vault 2022.1.1 has been released that also includes this correction.


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