Inventor Hole Property Panel-clearance dimension values don't update until face is selected


In Inventor 2021 through 2023 when creating a clearance Hole feature, if a location face or point(s) is not selected, the thread preview dimensions don't update when changing sizes .

In the Hole Property Panel, changing the Size, the Behavior dimension preview remains static:

In previous versions these values would update with no position geometry (face,  plane or sketch/work points) selected.


This is a confirmed issue logged with Incident ID:66875 in this Autodesk article:
If a point or face is NOT selected in the hole command for a clearance + counter bore hole, the diameter in the behavior section does not change when the hole diameter changes for Inventor

Update: This is now fixed in 2023.3 and 2024.1 .  And in Inventor 2025.


To be able to see clearance dimension values update as you choose a different size, select a face or plane in the Hole Property Panel:

Note: Tapped and Taper Tapped hole dimension values update without the need to pre-select a face or plane.

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