Inventor 2024-turn off orbit pivot point


Inventor 2023 introduced a new Orbit pivot point that's visible on screen when using SHIFT+ middle mouse button.

3D Orbit uses this new pivot point which displays this pivot glyph.

The pivot point automatically positions itself based on the model location in the graphics window.  Or the cursor if the entire model is not displayed on screen.

In some cases it caused a delay: Inventor hangs for a few seconds

Or as a preference you want to revert back to the previous 3D orbit functionality.


The Inventor 2024.1 update introduces the option to toggle the Orbit pivot point on and off.

If you prefer not to use the new Orbit pivot point or it sometimes causes a delay:

  • Go to the Tools Ribbon into Application Options

At the bottom uncheck the new option 'Use nearest model point for Orbit':

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