Export Screening Notification in Autodesk Products

Export Screening Notification in Autodesk Products


When attempting to start one or more of your Autodesk products, you receive the following message:

You would like to know why this is happening or what caused the message to pop up, and how to get rid of the message and back to work as quickly as possible.


It is important to understand that this is a notification, not an error, and is directly initiated by Autodesk as part of their ongoing efforts to maintain compliance with United States regulations and export laws.  Once this is initiated, it can only be resolved by working with Autodesk, either through the IMAGINiT Support Team or directly with the Autodesk Support Team.


As this is a screening process and not an actual error, there is no solution in the traditional troubleshooting sense.  However, there are certain steps that should be taken to get through the process as quickly as possible.

The first step is to contact IMAGINiT and provide the following information so we can start an Autodesk case for you:

Company Name (which products are registered under):

Contract Manager’s Autodesk Email Address:

Company’s Mailing Address:

If you are unsure of any of the information requested above, provide as much as you know, and we will work with you to obtain the rest of the required information.

If you prefer, you may start a case with Autodesk directly, providing the same information.

As a temporary workaround, you may try disabling your computer’s internet connection, and then with the internet temporarily disabled, try starting your Autodesk applications.  Once your Autodesk programs have started, you can then reenable your internet connection to continue working. 

Keep in mind that this suggested workflow is only a temporary workaround and may not work in all situations, so contacting IMAGINiT or Autodesk as soon as possible is the recommended course of action.

The link below is the Autodesk KB article regarding Export Screening for reference:


See the link below for details regarding Export Compliance:


See below for IMAGINiT Solution Center Contact Information:

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