Design Assistant 2022 -'An error occurred saving changes. Process Aborted.'


Inventor's Design Assistant 2022 won't allow you to save changes with a similar error:

'An error occurred saving changes.

Process Aborted.'


Design Assistant 2022 isn't bringing up a warning that there are file(s) that need to be migrated and is allowing you to proceed with edits.

This Inventor Forum posts confirms the issue as INVGEN-52625.  As of Inventor 2022.1 it's still an issue.

In previous versions of Inventor, a pop-up window notified you that some or all files haven't been migrated yet and that you won't be able to edit files until they're migrated.

This type of warning would open indicating which files need to be migrated to the current version:


And until those files were migrated to the current version, right-clicking on the Action column wouldn't bring up the 'Rename', 'Copy' or 'Replace' menu at all.

These options shouldn't be available until all the files are migrated:


Open the files you want to edit in Inventor 2022 and save them to migrate to the current version.

To facilitate migrating all linked files open Application Options/Save tab and turn on the migration Save State (set to 'Yes') .  This will prompt  to save any component or linked files that haven't been migrated as well.

If the option is set to 'No' you won't be prompted to save all files and need to open each file separately.

Once all the files are migrated, open Design Assistant 2022 and edit your files again.



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