Assigning Subscriptions per Team - ideal for separate financial streams

As a primary, or secondary administrator for your Autodesk licenses you have the ability to move license subscriptions to separate teams. This capability helps you organize your users into teams that only have access to the licenses belonging to their department. 

Why is this capability helpful?

This is especially important if each department manages their own financial streams. Government sector frequently has strict rules about specific uses for budgeted money and legal ramifications for mixing departmental money. Private sector firms may have to manage contracts based on office location. 

Assigning subscriptions per team makes is easier to manage users based on their department and determine which users will be impacted if a contract is not renewed. 

Easily done within the administrators Autodesk account.

Navigate to User Managment by User and click on the Gear icon in the upper right. 

  1. Teams can be renamed.
    • This action will NOT unassign licenses or change the user list in any way.
    • Renaming a Team can be done during normal office hours. 
  2. Subscriptions can be moved, from another Team, into the active Team. 
    • This action WILL UNASSIGN licenses. 
    • Users will not be able to use their software during this process.
    • The license administrator will need to re-add users to the newly created Team. 
    • This action should be done AFTER office hours. 
    • Users will need to sign in, using their Autodesk ID, the next time they open the software. 

Autodesk support may be required.

If your Autodesk licenses are associated with a BIM360 account a support case with Autodesk will need to be created in order to move subscriptions from one Team to another. Contact IMAGINiT Technologies for assistance with this. 

About the Author

Dana Rice

Ms. Dana Rice is an Autodesk Certified Professional in Civil 3D and a Certified Drafter through the American Design Drafting Association. She has 24 years of experience in CAD production, teaching, consulting, and managing Autodesk licenses for civil engineering firms in east Tennessee and the Carolinas, including the City of Charlotte. Dana began her Autodesk journey at Walters State Community College where she earned an associate degree in Drafting and Design. She is also a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a bachelor's degree in landscape design.

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