IMAGINiT Utilities Reprise License Manager Network error -17

December 20, 2021 IMAGINiT Technologies


You receive an error trying to access a network version of the IMAGINiT Technologies Utilities.

The licensing finder error window will show something like this:
Licensing issue was detected.
License Error Code: -17
Additional information may be available in the RepriseLM End-User Guide.

License Error Details:
License File Setting: 27051@myservername

Target License File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\IMAGINiTUtilsCivil3D2020.bundle\Contents\IMAGINiT.lic

IMAGINiT Technologies Support Center:
Phone: (800)-808-7645
International: +1 (402) 451-1212

Your Machine Information:
HostName: 55555
HostID: e45455555555
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.18362.0
UserID: username
.NET CLR: 4.0.30319.42000
CMDLINE: "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2020\acad.exe" /ld "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2020\AecBase.dbx" /p "QK_2020" /product "C3D" /language "en-US"
Current Dir: C:\Users\username\Documents


Note: some personal information was stripped out of the above, your error information will look different, but similar.

Common Causes:

This is a basic error meaning the program is unable to communicate with the license manager.

The RepriseLM End-User Guide says:


• The service isn't running.
• No licenses are available, or the license for your version is not in the license file.
• Firewall/Anti-virus blocking the communication.
• Slow network or VPN connection.
• Expired license

Possible Solution:

There are several possible resolutions to this problem.

• Verify the service is running. This blog shows you how to setup the license manager.

• I've installed the Reprise License Manager but how do I access it?

• Verify licenses are licenses available.

• To verify if it is an Expired License.
Open the license file using notepad or notepad++ and look for the lines that start with LICENSE, does it show permanent OR does it have a date? If it has a date, then that is the day the license expires, and you will need a new one.

Examples of partial license files:
HOST ServerName 005556668800 27051
ISV rand
LICENSE rand imaginitc3dutilities 2020 permanent 50 max_roam=14

LICENSE rand imaginitrvtutilities 2020 25-jul-2020 uncounted

If you are on subscription with us, then you can generate a new Authcode by going to Remove the expired license then activate the new license. You should receive an email within minutes of generating the Authcode. If you don’t have it in your inbox within 30 minutes, please check your Junk/Spam folder and if you still don’t have it then email us for assistance at

If you are not on the Autodesk subscription through IMAGINiT Technologies then it may be a trial version and you’ll need to purchase the Utilities. Please email for assistance.

If you have purchased and are having problems after your trial period, then you’ll need to edit the license file and remove the expired license.

You can add the new license in using this blog:

• Hardcode another port for RAND.exe and put it in the firewall inbound exceptions.

• Insert a firewall exception on the server.
Please consult your servers/computers/firewall software/hardware to help open up/Allow the following Inbound TCP ports: 5053, 5054, 27051 and the port you hardcoded using the above blog.

• Slow connection to the server or on VPN.

This should help lengthen the amount of time the Utilities wait until they give up waiting to obtain a network license.

Set the timeout variable(s) on the client machine in the Windows Environment variables under SYSTEM Variables.

RLM_COMM_TIMEOUT sets the application timeout for receipt of messages from the license
server. If RLM_COMM_TIMEOUT is set, the read timeout will be set to the value of this
environment variable. The default is 5 seconds, which should be sufficient in most, if not all,
situations. (The default was 3 seconds prior to RLM v9.3)

Note that RLM_COMM_TIMEOUT is specified in milliseconds, so for a 7 second timeout, set


RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT sets the application timeout for a connection to an individual
license server. If RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT is set, the connection timeout will be set to the
value of this environment variable. The minimum connection timeout is 5 seconds, and the default
is 10 seconds. If RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT is set to a negative value, the connect timeout will
be the absolute value of RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT, and if any particular server connection
times out, no further attempts will be made to that server again. If RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT
is set to a positive value, a connection will be attempted to the server even if it timed out on the
last attempt. This is the default behavior in RLM.

RLM_CONNECT_TIMEOUT is specified in seconds.

Set one or both, I’d use the RLM_COMM_TIMEOUT and set it to 8000 first. If it works, then drop it down to 7000, keep lowering the value until you find it doesn’t work then use the last good value.

If those do not work, then we will need more information. Please email the following information to

From the license manager machine:
1) A copy of the license file being used.

2) Generate a diagnostic file, see this blog:

1) A copy/image of the server status information per this blog:
Reprise LM how to find if you have licenses available.

From the client machine trying to run our Utilities:
1) A copy of the C:\ProgramData\IMAGINiTTechnologies\IMAGINiTLicense.txt file.

2) The entire contents of the error window similar to what you see under the “ISSUE” heading at the top.


See also:
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Created by Jeff Lotan - IMAGINiT Technologies Technical Support

Warning! Problems caused by improperly editing the Windows registry could render your computer/operating system unusable. Microsoft provides a wealth of critical information that you need to know about the registry in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Use the Microsoft® Registry Editor only at your own risk and only after backing up the registry as well as the system.dat and user.dat files as outlined for your operating system in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Additional information about the registry is also contained in the Help topics in the Microsoft Registry Editor.


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