IMAGINiT Utilities Licensing Error “WRONG HOSTID” and “License Error Code: -4”

July 28, 2020 Jeff Lotan


You have activated the IMAGINiT Utilities, but receive an error “WRONG HOSTID” and “License Error Code: -4” in the licensing finder dialog:



A Licensing issue was detected.

License Error Code: -4

'WRONG HOSTID' error: This means that your license for IMAGINiTRvtUtilities does not match the information for the current machine (standalone licenses are locked to a specific machine). If you feel that you have received this error improperly, please contact technical support at the locations below.

License Error Details:

License File Setting:

Target License File: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\IMAGINiT.RevitUtils.bundle\Contents\Utilities\IMAGINiT.lic

IMAGINiT Technologies Support Center:

  Phone: (800)-808-7645

  International: +1 (402) 451-1212


Your Machine Information:

  HostName: DESKTOP-MyCADComputer

  HostID: 00e881088e99

  OS:       Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.18363.0

  UserID:   User

  .NET CLR: 4.0.30319.42000

  CMDLINE:  "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2020\Revit.exe" /language ENU

  Current Dir: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2020

This error can happen with any of our programs (Utilities).  It can happen with our Network versions too.  To see the problem with the network versions you will have to use the RL Diagnostics command to save the text file to see the error.  To generate that file, please see our blog:


There are three (3) possible reasons for this error.

  • The license file was copied to a different computer.
  • You have renamed the computer.
  • The computer name is over 15 characters.


To resolve this error, you will need to determine which of the three (3) is the cause.

  • The license file was copied to a different computer. This will not work due to the encoding in the license file.  Use the same Authcode to activate the Utilities on the computer or contact us at for assistance, please send us the license file and new computer name.
  • You have renamed the computer. This will invalidate the license file.  You can try deleting the license file and activate again using the same authcode, or you can email the problem with the license file to to start a case and we can fix it for you.  You will need to provide the correct computer name.
  • The computer name is over 15 characters. You will have to email the license file and the full computer name to us at, then we can fix it for you.

If you have a Network License:
If you are using the Network version of our Utilities and receive the error, then the server name or MAC may have changed, and you will need to get a new license file.   Email the problem, new MAC & Server name and the license file to us at

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