Rethinking Roofs in Revit for Residential

One of the biggest concerns that I hear from residential architects and builders, regarding making the switch to Revit, is that they do not believe it handles framing as well as their 2D AutoCAD sets do. There are many ways of doing complex framing in Revit, should you decide to do so. However, as I discuss in this white paper, you can actually frame out not only traditionally framed roof systems, but also trusses and timber walls. All in Revit, with native geometry! And all of this within minutes, compared to individually modelling these elements, which can take much longer times thereby making it cost prohibitive to do so! RevitRoofs

So why might you even consider doing this? As a residential architect, you may already be providing some basic framing plans and details- much of it being standardized across projects. With these tools in Revit, however, you can carry that value over into your building model and take-offs, helping you to understand how design decisions are affecting the budget in terms of both cost and time. This can help the home owner make important decisions early on, and help you provide an even better product for the builder. The builder can then use this information to get a more competitive estimate, helping to drive the construction costs down and without sacrificing design intent!

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Kenniston Crane

Building Solutions Applications Expert<br><br>Having spent more than 20+ years working in the building industry, Kenniston puts his expertise to work for clients whether its creating complex electrical systems for data centers, design custom luxury homes, or helping them integrate all disciplines into a cohesive BIM process.<br><br>He’s spent time doing custom residential architecture and electrical designs, creating quantity takeoffs, and developing construction sequences, and implementing construction pre-fabrication services. Helping organizations make the most of their technology – and plan for future goals – is a key part of how he aids clients at IMAGINiT.

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