Description keys for Designers

Only Surveyors use points and description keys, right? Well, no actually.

  • Points can calculate grade/slope to assist the designer with ADA ramp and sidewalk design.   
  • Points can calculate High/Low points.
  • Points can show elevations of feature lines. 
  • Points can interpolate elevation.

Creating Description Keys for design points can increase efficiency by automatically assigning predetermined point and label styles. These points can be assigned to point groups for ease of display and management. 

The Description Keys are activated by typing in the predetermined code when prompted. Using single-digit codes minimizes the number of keystrokes needed when using Points as a designer. 

About the Author

Dana Rice

As an Applications Expert, Dana is responsible for supporting, training, and implementation of software for survey and civil engineering professionals. Dana began her career as an AutoCAD and Civil 3D draftsperson in the civil engineering industry. She supported surveyors and engineers by managing CAD templates, assisting with preliminary design, processing field data, and creating construction documents. After a decade in production work, Dana transitioned to a CAD manager, working in both the private and public sectors. She has more than 24 years of experience helping large and small, public and private organizations in the southeastern United States.

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