Changing default lengths in Fabrication CADmep Database

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Changing default lengths in Fabrication CADmep database:

Default lengths can be changed at an item level. Each ITM file may be used in more than one Service Template, and thus used in many Services.  By editing the ITM file it will change everything downstream. This will change default lengths for all pressure classes as well.

To change default lengths at an ITM level:

  1. Access Folders in Fabrication CADmep
    • Type command FOLDERS into the command line in Autocad
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the ITM part to change

**For example I am using Rectangular Ductwork – Straight ITM**

BLOG_Folders in Fabrication CADmep

  1. Right click on the ITM part and select Edit

BLOG_Right Click edit menu

  1. In the dialog box that opens. In the Dimension tab, adjust the Dimension that is desired. If this is set to “Auto” it is following specification sizes. If you set to “Value” it allows you to enter an absolute length.
  2. After the correct value is set, Click OK

BLOG_IMT-Straight Editing Dialog Box

Default lengths can be changed at a specification level.  The templates provided by Autodesk are locked in some ways, and will result in some of these settings being grayed out. This would allow for different default lengths for different specifications, example being pressure classes for ductwork.

To change default lengths at an specification level:

  1. Edit Main Database in Fabrication CADmep
  2. In the Database dialog box, go to the Fittings Tab

BLOG_Main Database-fittings button

  1. In the left menu, select Specification

BLOG_Main Database-Specification

  1. On the right, in the Specification drop-down menu, choose the Specification to edit. The different Specification types have a plus sign/minus sign button to expand or collapse the list. Choose the appropriate Specification from the list

BLOG_Main Database-Specification drop-down

  1. Next, In the Material drop-down select the correct material.

BLOG_Main Database-Material

  1. Then, In the Library drop-down, select the correct library type.

BLOG_Main Database-Specification drop-down

  1. Last, In the “Valid for” drop-down, select the correct part type, for adjusting the default lengths for straight pieces, select Straights Only.

BLOG_Main Database-Valid for drop-down

  1. Now that we are looking at the correct Specification, we can adjust the lengths for all or for each individual size listing. To edit, highlight the listing to be edited, or highlight all. Then right-click and select “Edit” from the shortcut menu.  A Specification dialog box will open, allowing you to change the appropriate values.

BLOG_Main Database-List edit

BLOG_Main Database-Specification dialog

  1. In order to save the changes to the database, be sure to click OK to exit the Database dialog box.
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