AutoCAD: When using External Reference file performance slows


AutoCAD: When using External Reference file performance slows.

Drawing becomes slow when Loading , Editing, Using the Reference Palette, and When  working with the Drawing.


  • Large number of References.
  • File Corruption.
  • Large number of missing fonts.
  • Missing Path.
  • Large unmaintained files (Large number of Scales, Not Purged, General Maintenance, etc.).


  • Use on a local system to see if the performance improves.
  • Set XLOADCTL & DEMANDLOAD system variables to 0.
  • Open and clean up the file by using Scaleslistedit and resetting the list, Purge the file, Clean anything that is not needed.
  • Missing fonts change to a new font.
  • Open the External Reference and check for error using the Audit command.
  • Change Absolute Paths of External references to Relative Path by right clicking in the Reference Palette.
  • Set SAVETIME Variable to 1.

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