Save Layout as a Drawing

December 12, 2018

Craig Batchelor | Applications Expert

Occasionally a client might need a small section of a project such as one layout to add their discipline too. Instead of sending the entire project, it might be beneficial to send just the sheet that they need. There is a command in AutoCAD that does just that.


In the Application Menu, select the arrow next to Save As and select Save Layout as a Drawing. This command will only save the visible items in the layout to the model space of a new drawing. Also, it converts everything in the drawing to AutoCAD entities, and maintains the visual properties.

As a place holder, a best practice is to draw a construction line in the model space of the drawing to a known distance, this could be important later.


Next, select the layout with the pertinent information to export and Save Layout as a Drawing with the above step.


The drawing will automatically be named the drawing name and sheet number, although this could easily be changed if needed.


Once saved, a verification screen will show that the file was created successfully.

Open the drawing.

Select the construction line in the original drawing and copy with a “ctrl>c”. In the new drawing Paste to Original Coordinates.


On the Home tab Paste, Paste to Original Coordinates.


Next, select the Viewport Configuration List, then Two: Vertical


Set one view to the paper space drawing and another view to the construction line, then do the ALIGN command to change the drawing to the correct coordinate system and scale.


Command: ALIGN

 Select objects: Specify opposite corner: 188 found

 Select objects:

 Specify first source point:

 Specify first destination point:

 Specify second source point:

 Specify second destination point:

 Specify third source point or <continue>:

 Scale objects based on alignment points? [Yes/No] <N>: Y

Depending on linetypes, setting the LTSCALE to the drawing scale should correct any discrepancies.



In this Example, there is a considerable size difference from an original drawing to just the one sheet.

Since only the visible information is recorded, this is an excellent way to give just enough information to the client to record their discipline. Finally, with the ALIGN command, all work will be done in the preferred coordinate system.

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