Publishing and Viewing a ReCap Project in the Cloud

June 5, 2019 James Branagan

One of the cool features included in Autodesk’s ReCap Pro software is the ability to share your project with people not on your network, or people that don’t have the ReCap Pro software on their computers. The files can be stored on Autodesk’s cloud and are tied to your A360 account.

Once you have registered and cleaned your model, you can publish it to Autodesk’s cloud. Hovering over the House and the Cloud icon you have three options.

  • Publish
  • Designates who can access the current project from your Autodesk 360 account
  • Launch in web browser

1 - cloud options

Clicking on Publish will open a dialog box which will tell you the space requirements, ask you to name the project, and give you the option to display sharing options after you publish.

2 - publish dialog box

  • Choosing “publish” will begin the process of publishing your project to the cloud. A progress bar will be displayed in the top right hand corner. If you have chosen to display the sharing options after publishing the sharing dialog box will appear. The same dialog box can be opened by hovering over the House and the Cloud and choosing the second option (Designates who can access the current project from your Autodesk 360 account)

3 - Sharing dialog box

In this dialog box you can invite new people to view the project and set their permissions. The options for permissions are View, View + Edit, and View + Edit + Control. At the bottom of the dialog box is the link that can be sent to anyone with a web browser. To activate the link, slide the toggle on the right hand side to On.

To open the project either copy and paste the link into your favorite web browser, or hover over the house icon and the cloud icon and choose the third option, Launch in web browser.

The web version of ReCap looks similar to the desktop version with much less functionality. Only the photospheres are available to view, we can not see the 3D point cloud.

4 - Map View

Hovering over the house there are two options: Recent, which will show recent projects and Settings which will change the units of measure.

Hovering over the monitor will allow the size of the mirror balls to be adjusted

Below the monitor is search and finally, below that is a way to provide feedback.

To view a photosphere either select one of the black dots in the plan view or select a scan location from the list on the right hand side.

5 - Mirror Ball View

Inside the scan location, you can navigate through the scan locations by selecting one in the list on the right or selecting a dot on the plan, you also have the ability to select a mirror ball. Any of the measurements or notes that were added in ReCap before the project was published are transferred. You also have the ability to add your own measurements and notes.

While the tools are limited, this is a great way for you to share your ReCap projects with clients or anyone else that doesn’t have a full version of ReCap.

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Civil Solutions Applications Expert<br><br>As a software applications expert I provides knowledgeable and competent support and training, specializing in AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Infraworks, Advance Steel, ReCap, Pix4D and Leica's suite of point cloud tools including Register 360 and Cyclone Model.

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