Pointcloud Cleanup in ReCap

May 8, 2019 James Branagan

One of the nice features of Autodesk’s ReCap Pro software is the ability to clean up point clouds by removing any points you don’t want to remain in your model.

You have two options to complete this task.

  • Clipping
  • Deleting


Clipping is hiding extra points without removing them. Essentially, they are just being turned off.

To clip points, the first step is to select the points to be clipped. This can be done directly or with the help of limit boxes. In this case a limit box has been placed around a trash can.

Click on Limit box and Pick

Select points within the object you wish to clip and adjust the limit box

1 - Limit Box

Confirm the limit box and use the selection tools to select the unwanted points

2 - Point Selection

Choose the Clip Inside tool to clip the points

3 - Clip Inside

Reset the limit box to see the Pointcloud without the clipped points.

To reset the clips there are two options.

  • Unclip all – which will remove all the clipping
  • Unclip Last – which will remove the last clipping


Deleting will permanently remove points – kind of.

As with Clipping, the first step in Deleting points is to select the points to be clipped. This can be done directly or with the help of limit boxes

Select the points and click Delete

4 - Delete

However, you can still bring the points back. If you delete points by mistake, click on the Undo button or Ctrl+Z immediately after deleting the points; this will bring back those specific points. If you move to another command all points deleted from the project will have to be collectively restored.

To recover deleted points use the Recover Deleted points tool

5 - Restore Deleted Points

Saving the project with either method will retain the option to restore clips or recover deleted points. When using the Save command you have the option to optimize the project. Optimizing will remove any current undo/redo history but you will still be able to restore points.

6 - Save

Doing a Save As will permanently delete the points from the project with no way to recover them

7 - Save As

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