Lesser Used AutoCAD Commands: RENAME

February 9, 2022 Archie Dodge
Update Drawing Object Names such as Blocks, Layers, and Other Named Objects

Just because some commands are lesser used does not mean that these commands are useless. Take for example the command RENAME.

The RENAME command allows you to update the names of various named objects within your drawing such as blocks, layers, linetypes, annotation styles and even named UCSs and Views.

When you run the RENAME command, you will be presented with a Rename dialog where you can choose the type of Named Object you would like to rename on the left column. With the object type selected in the left column, you can then select the item to be renamed from the column on the right. With the item selected, you can then enter the desired new name in the Rename To field below, making sure to press the Rename To button to apply the change.

The RENAME command also accepts wildcard characters as well, so this allows you to easily update your drawing assets to be company specific with little effort.



One other powerful use of this command allows you to rename a block to another name so that you can redefine the block from a different drawing. As long as the current drawings block is identical to another block from a different drawing, you can use the design center to redefine the block within your current drawing to that of a block from a source drawing. Using the rename command, you can essentially swap any block utilized within your drawing to that of any other from another drawing just by matching the names.


The RENAME command is a simple to use and provides a means to standardize your custom assets to be specific to your organization by adding prefixes or suffixes to your asset names making a more presentable file when sharing your project files with others outside of your organization. With the added ability to swap out utilized blocks for a different block just by matching names allows for a unique solution to updating blocks from one to another.

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